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Architecture and Technology podcast hosted by Joe Banks, Greg Lamb and Willis Lim

March 26, 2017

Episode 57 - We’re back

Hello - after a bit of an extended break, The Architech Show is back. We catch up a little bit on what's been happening we last spoke. Joe is going to BILT 2017 in Singapore next week and gives a bit of a plug on the talks that he will be presenting. Thanks for keeping us on your subscribe list!

December 27, 2016

Episode 56 - Code Share with Simply Complex (part 2)

Continuing from the last episode, Marcello and Joe round up their RTC Europe discussions.

December 8, 2016

Episode 55 - Code share with Simply Complex (RTC 2016)

Hello again. It's been a while hasn't it? In this episode, it's a code share with Simply Complex, a podcast by Marcello Sgambelluri for the simple solutions to complex problems in the AEC-O industry.

This episode Marcello and Joe talk about RTC Europe 2016 in Portugal and all the interesting talks and events that happened.

June 1, 2016

Episode 54 - Top 10 Revit add-ins

We're all back and Greg has a top 10 list of Revit add-ins that he puts to Greg for his opinion.

1. Ideate BIM Link

Easily link your Revit data to Excel. Starts at $850 (USD).

2. Coins Auto-Section Box

Cool enhancements for the already super-useful Section Box tool. Free.

3. Navisworks Exporter

Export Revit to Navisworks NWC format. Free.

4. Palladio X BIM Windows Layout

Manage and arrange your open Revit windows. Free.

5. RTV Xporter Pro

Batch export and print from Revit. Starts at $49 (USD).

6. Case Free apps

A variety of productivity apps. Free.

7. Dynamo

Very cool visual programming environment for Revit. Really powerful. Free.

8. Color By Number

Display parameter values by color in any view. Starts at $99 (USD).

9. Clark Dietrich Wall Type Creator

Automatically create information-rich wall types. Free.

10. dRofus

Sophisticated program, room and FF&E tools. Contact for pricing.

May 23, 2016

Episode 53 - RTC Australasia special with Nick and Marcello, pt 2

This week is the second part of the interview that Joe did at RTC Australasia recently with Nicholas Broadbent and Marcello Sgambelluri.

May 16, 2016

Episode 52 - RTC Australasia special with Nick and Marcello, pt 1

A special episode of the show this week and next week, Joe was at RTC Australasia recently and nabbed Nicholas Broadbent and Marcello Sgambelluri for an interview. In the first part they discuss being a speaker at events such as RTC and the preparation that goes behind the talks you may see at such events.

April 27, 2016

Episode 51 - Which application designed this building?

This episode we talk about the passing of Zaha Haddid, lead poisoning and whether CAD applications have a certain trait that you can spot when you see a building or the drawings. Can you tell which application the building was modelled in because of its quirks?

April 20, 2016

Episode 50 - Hawaii Five-O

Thank you! We did it! Episode 50. This week Joe brings us up to date on BrisBIM, the upcoming RTC conference and all the goodies that have come in the just released Revit 2017. The number one feature that got Greg interested... depth to elevations!

April 7, 2016

Episode 49 - The Living Room

We move the discussion to the Living room this episode and what its use is. This leads to a discussion about preparing the room for the future such as Virtual Reality with the recent releases of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

March 30, 2016

Episode 48 - Kitchens

Continuing our series on rooms, we move to the kitchens discussing design decisions for a kitchen, kitchens of the future and a wish list of what we want in our kitchens.